Lexie Fyfe

Lexie Fyfe's Match Results
Updated May 29, 2005

May 28- US Championship Wrestling in Live Oak, FL

This was originally supposed to be me versus Gina Marie but my nemesis Gorgeous Gary Garvin brought in Amy Love to try to take me out. They attacked me earlier in the show when Gary was saying that my opponent hadn't shown up and started running me down. It was all just a set up because when I grabbed the mic and started to tell Gary off, Amy Love attacked me from behind. The refs hit the ring and got them off of me. I was mad though and challenged Gary to a match if I beat Amy Love. The crowd loved that idea!! I had a match to cool off and get my thoughts organized and then it was time for my match against Amy. Gary, of course, was at ringside with her. We locked up and she grabbed my arm in an arm bar. I countered that quickly but she reversed it just as fast and put me in a headlock. I shot her off and gave her a big clothesline followed by a bodyslam and a Japanese arm drag. She rolled out of the ring and Gary went over to give her a pep talk. I went over to the ropes to try to pull her back in but she grabbed my hair and pulled me across the top rope. She climbed back in the rings and started wearing me down with chokes, kicks and chops. She had me in the corner and was choking me with a foot across my neck. when she argued with the ref and then turned back to me, I was ready. I grabbed her and started chopping away! The crowd yelled "whoo!" every time! She raked my eyes to make me stop and then threw me over the bottom rope near Gary so that he could choke me while she distracted the ref! When she tried to give me a suplex though I kicked my feet hard and blocked it. I hit her with two of my own and tried to get the pin. She kicked out and then came at me with a clothesline. I ducked it and hit her with a belly to back suplex. Another two count! I hit the ropes and came off with a big splash right across her knees! Ouch! She grabbed me and started to hook me for her double underhook suplex but I threw an elbow to her midsection and a forearm to the face. She spun around and I got her up for the Attitude Adjuster! Gary tried to make the save but missed and I got the win!! The commissioner set up the match with Gary for later in the show. I come out for the match with triple G and he's nowhere to be found. Finally he comes strolling out with the Lord of Discipline, a monster of a guy. I mean, he's just huge!! Gary's also carrying a kendo stick. Great- this isn't going to be fun at all! Gary's all cocky now that he has backup! We lock up and I push him to the ropes. I do the clean break and he starts strutting around smoothing his hair. What's up with that? We circle and when he tries to lock up again, I duck under and mess up his hair! He's mad now so he challenges me to a test of strength! Who are we kidding? We lock fingers and I power him down to his knees, put his hands to the mat and step on them! Gotta teach the little twerp a lesson! He rolls out of the ring and starts whispering to Lord of Discipline. When I go over near him, he grabs my legs and trips me up. While the ref is distracted, Gary grabs his kendo stick and starts whacking away at me. Gary got rid of the stick before the ref sees it and tries to pick me up by the hair. I start hitting his midsection and come up swinging. I threw him in a corner and chop away (crowd "whoo'd" again-thanks guys!). After some shoulder blocks, Gary falls forward and I cover him. Lord of Discipline pulls me off of him before the three. Gary is still down though so I get him in the middle of the ring and put him in my Figure Fyfe. It doesn't take long and he taps out!!!!

May 26- BANG! in Ocala, FL

My first title defense of the NWA Women's World title!! This was against the Claw who is a definite fan favorite at BANG! She actually holds a couple of wins over me from previous matches but that's only because I underestimated her abilities. I won't make that mistake with my NWA title on the line. We lock up and she immediately takes me over in a fireman's carry. I work my way back up to my feet only to be taken back down in another carry! Okay- now I'm a little ticked. I struggle back to my feet again and clench my fist and she armdrags me! Now I'm mad and I also realise that she's been training hard to try to get this belt! Claw gets me in a headlock but I throw some elbows and get her off balance. Up she goes, belly to back!! Whew! Now, it's my turn! Side slams, body slams, boston crab, camel clutch. She just won't give up! I give her two snap suplexes in a row and go for the vertical. She kicks her feet so I can't get her up and rolls me into a small package. I come up from that and get a knee to the chest. Cover, I kick out but she whips me into a corner and gives me some shoulder blocks. Whips me to the other corner and comes in for a splash. I move at the last second and she hits hard. When she turns back my way, I pick her up and she gets her Attitude Adjusted! I'm still the NWA Women's World Champion!!!

May 15- POW in Seminole, FL

Match against DeeDee "Kat" Venturi. I always have a tough time at this venue. The crowd always seems to want to see me lose! I'm not sure what I did to deserve that! They are cheering for Dee as she stands in a corner so I attack her and pull her off the ropes. I start putting the boots to her and then get her in a tight headlock. She whips me off and gives me a clothesline and then catches me with a drop toe hold. I ram her back into a corner and start working her over. Nice long camel clutch to wear down the back and a surfboard. I think she's ready to pack it in so I give her a sidewalk slam and go for the cover. Only a two count! I set her up in a corner with a body slam and climb to the top. She tries to catch me with a handstand leg scissors but I push her off. The crowd was cheering for it too so I thought it was amusing until she knocked me to a sitting position and climbed up while punching me all the way (ref- closed fists!!). She caught me with a suplex off the ropes and I was out of it! Luckily, I had some friends of mine to watch my back! The Black Knight and Vin Detta along with Lady Luck hit the ring and saved me from a loss! We beat on DeeDee for some time before Torcher and Merc the Cruiser came in to chase us off! Vin Detta and I took the challenge of DeeDee and Merc for the July show. Intergender mixed tag match!! Later in the show, the Knights of the Round Table came back out to interrupt Torcher's match. I got the pleasure of beating up Torcher's Valet Bambi! I think we'll be around to wreak havoc for a while!!

May 7- PWE in Elliotsburg, PA

It seems that PWE Women's champ, Fantasia had been using the "no title change with a DQ" too many times. Tiffany Monroe called and asked if I would be willing to take on Fantasia in a no DQ title match. Of course I said yes!! I was coming off a big win against Kiley but I know better than to take Fantasia for granted. She's one tough competitor. I wasn't mistaken at all with that. Fantasia threw everything at me and didn't play fair at all. She kept doing things right in front of the ref like bite my fingers and yelled at him to disqualify her. She even bit his fingers at one point- poor guy! She got frustrated at one point and went to the outside. She wanted the ref to count her out but that didn't work either. She got into an argument with a fan and I baseball slid into her and sent her flying! I banged her head into an empty chair and into the ring apron and threw her back in the ring. When I went to throw a clothesline, she caught me in her Spinal Spike. Somehow I managed to kick out of it. Fantasia was shocked and went ballistic. She grabbed the PWE belt and tried to hit the ref with it. I grabbed it and made her let go but took an elbow to the face. She gave the ref a Spinal Spike but I had had enough! When she turned back towards me, I hit her with the belt. Down she went and I covered her. I slap the mat 1,2,3 but the ref is still out. I push at him to try to get him up but he's not moving. Suddenly the other ref slides in the ring and counts to three! I won the PWE Women's Championship!!! Thanks PWE- I will try to defend the belt with integrity. Fantasia, whenever you want a rematch just let me know!

April 23- Richmond, VA for NWA-Virginia

Finally a no DQ match against Kiley McLean for the NWA Women's World Title!!! She can't weasel her way out of this one. The special guest referee was Robert Royal and he was standing between us giving us our instructions (basically telling us that anything goes because it's no DQ) and she attacked me. Poor Robert was stuck in the middle with Kiley and I throwing punches and grabbing hair. If he could have DQ'd us, I think he would have right then. I'm not sure how many punches landed on him rather than us! We finally broke apart and circled warily. We locked up and she powered me to the ropes. I powered back and drove her back to the middle. The action in the ring broke down again and she took it to the outside. I went after her but met Mr Ringpost for my trouble. I gained the advantage again after a few minutes and she rolled out of the ring again. This time I quietly rolled out on another side and waited for her to walk around the corner. I sprang up and gave a surprised Kiley a big clothesline on the gym floor. A big splat was heard and the crowd went nuts! I threw her back into the ring and started to work her over. Her buds, EoD came out at this time and distracted the ref and I. Kiley hit me from behind and then tied my foot to the ringpost with some rope she had brought out! She then yelled to Neil Sharkey to "bring the chair!" She was pulling me into the path of the chair that Neil was aiming at my head so, with all my strength, I pulled back and Kiley took the chair shot!! EoD saw Neil hit her and went after him. Meanwhile, I rolled Kiley over and got the three count and the NWA Women's World Championship!!!!!! Wow, I am so honored!!! Thanks NWA!! Sorry to say that the match plus the chair shot has taken Kiley out of commission for a couple of months. She was taken out by stretcher and the doctors at the hospital that evening said she had some head trauma and won't release her to wrestle for a couple of months. Although it was her own fault for bringing Neil and a chair into it, I wish her a speedy and full recovery. I think this feud is far from over!!

April 22- Bud, WV for Mountain State Wrestling

Okay, I went into this match mad and with an attitude of my own. The fans were being pretty mean to Nicole that night and I didn't even try to stop them. In fact, I encouraged their name calling! Of course that only made her madder which probably wasn't a smart idea! She attacked me viciously and had me in several painful submission holds- Boston crab and camel clutch both killed me! I kept getting loose though and tried for my own submission- the Figure Fyfe- but she was too close to the ropes and grabbed them. The ref was trying to keep the action clean but Nicole had ideas of her own. He kept threatening to DQ her and she was argueing back with him. Finally it escalated into a shoving match between them which I took advantage of. I crawled behind Nicole while she was shoving the ref. When he shoved her back, she tripped right over me and I pinned her! Revenge is sweet!

April 21- Beckley, WV for Mountain State Wrestling

This was a benefit show for Chief Black Eagle's family. He had just passed away and this was to help towards his funeral. They did a nice dedication about him and his family was really nice. I hadn't wrestled against Nicole Starr in a few months but had heard that she was getting a bad reputation as a cheater. I kept that in mind when I stepped into the ring that night. We locked up and she kneed me in the gut and took my arm. Okay, if she's going to play that way, I can get rough too. We chain wrestled a bit and I just kept reversing everything that she did. I guess she got mad because she raked my eyes and then threw me in a corner where she started choking me!! She pulled hair, choked me on the ropes, stood on my hair and stuck her fingers in my eyes everytime she could. Bad attitude on this girl! I think she needs an attitude adjuster! I countered a suplex with a small package which threw her off. Big flying clothesline and I went for the cover. One, two, kicked out. I went to whip her off and she ran the ref over. Before he could get to his feet, she pulled out a chain. I managed to grab it from her but she yelled and held her head like she'd been hit. The ref turned, saw me with the chain and DQ'd me!! What?!?! Good thing I had a rematch the next night!

April 16- XJAM Wrestling in Minot, ND

I'm feeling pretty good about the win from the night before. I've got the belt now so I have the advantage. Ann Thraxx swears that she will get the belt back and makes a challenge to Commisioner Charlie (they don't get along very well). If she loses, he gets to shave her head but if she wins, he chews her gum! Now that is disgusting- sometimes she'll take her gum out and put it on the ring post to save for later! It will fall out of her mouth on the floor and she picks it back up and chews it again! Yuch! Anyway, she jumps me before I can even put the belt down. She beats me down and then sticks her fingers in my mouth, fishes out my gum and adds it to the wad she's already chewing! After I fight back to my feet, I take back over and she takes a couple of clotheslines and hip tosses, she's out of the ring! I'm on fire so I follow her right out. We exchange blows and after a hard right that sends me reeling, she "helps" me back into the ring after banging my head on the apron of course! She's in a frenzy now- working my back over with surfboards, back breakers, side slams. You name it, she's trying to hurt me with it! I escape from a pendulum, duck a clothesline and hit her with a crossbody. She feeds right into a big boot and I pick her up for the Attitude Adjuster. I get her to my shoulders but just can't hold her up. I crumble to my knees. We both get back to our feet and the fists are flying. I block one of her swings and start chopping. I whip her into a corner and go for a splash but she pulls the ref in the way. She grabs the belt, hits me with it and the ref didn't see it! He counts to three and just that fast I'm no longer the XJAM ladies champ- I guess Commish Charlie chewed her gum but I didn't see it. I was being helped to the back with a big knot on my head!

April 15- XJAM Wrestling in Minot, ND

My first time working with XJAM, first time visiting North Dakota and first match against Ann Thraxx! Hmmm...don't really know what to expect from this weekend. Turn out was pretty good- the crowd was really into all the matches. Ann Thraxx came out chewing this huge wad of gum! It was kind of gross if you ask me! The fans were behind me and it showed. We had a great back and forth trade of moves and then Ms Thraxx chose the low road and raked my eyes! That didn't keep me out for long. She went for a back drop which I countered into a sunset flip but she sat straight down and started to choke me. I managed to get my legs up and caught her arms, brought her down for a two. I was still a little woozy from the choking and walked into a clothesline. She almost had me a couple of times but I kept fighting back. She missed a splash and I cuaght her in my Attitude Adjuster and it was all over- new XJAM ladies champ- me!!!!

April 9th- NWA- Virginia in Hopewell, VA

Rematch against Kiley McLean for the NWA Women's World Title. Kiley and I are coming into this match each with a win over the other. This should be the deciding match. Of course she has two members of EoD out at ringside with her. We lock up and push each other all over the ring. Neither of us are willing to let go and we fight back and forth. Kiley has me pushed into a corner and finally breaks the lockup when the ref starts counting her. The moment she turned her back to me, I schoolboyed her and went for the pin. She kicked out, swung a clothesline which I ducked and gave her one of my own. Kiley kicked out again and grabbed a handful of my hair. One big suplex and I'm down but not out. I kick out at two and walk right into a slam. After kicking out again, I duck her elbow attempt and give her a double chop blow. Another pin attempt that she kicks out of. Kiley forearms me across the back and hooks my legs to put on the Celtic Knot. She reaches for my arms but I won't let her catch them. I reach the ropes and yang on them sending Kiley forward on her face. I grab her leg and twist it around to set her up for the Figure Fyfe. She kicks and sends me flying. EoD grabs me while she distracts the ref and they beat on me for a couple. When they throw me back in, I roll over and feel something strange at my hip. I pull a chain from my tights just as the ref turns back around. He immediately disqualifies me! What? It wasn't even mine. EoD planted it on me! Meanwhile, Kiley's outside the ring laughing because she gets to keep the belt. I ask for the mic and challenge her to a no DQ rematch on their next show- April 23rd. I want the no DQ stipulation because now I'm mad. Kiley doesn't know how mean I can actually be when I feel like I've been wronged! No DQ and don't expect me to play by the rules anymore- all bets are off. Now I just have to figure out what to do about EoD....

April 8th- Lethal Attitude Wrestling in Dyersburg, TN

This was an all ladies show they were calling Spring Breakout. We were broken up into teams- I was on Team Ricci and was scheduled to take on Tasha Simone. Tasha and I have known each other for some time now but have never wrestled each other. I must say there's never been much love lost between us and we've been wanting to prove something to each other since we first met. I hit the ring and Tasha has the mic and starts running her mouth. "Blah, blah, blah" is all I heard. We lock up and jockey for position. She gets me in an arm ringer which I counter immediately. We trade some moves and I could tell Tasha was getting frustrated because she didn't think I had it in me. She tries to arm drag me but I hang on and come back on top with her arm still caught in my arm bar. She tries it again and the same thing happens. She finally gets loose after a couple of punches and goes outside the ring for a breather. I go after her but she climbs the ring apron and comes off with a clothesline. Down we go. I'm not sure a lot of what happened after that. There were chairs and a big wall and Tasha went splat from a back body drop to the floor. Then there were a lot of striped shirts and security people. The bell was ringing and the ref was calling it a draw saying the match was thrown out!! Thrown out- what?!?! Our first meeting in the ring and it was thrown out?!? Wait till next time- why don't we go no DQ style so we can't get it thrown out.
We all ended up in the ring at the end for a big tag match but I won't spoil all of the surprises- you'll have to buy the tape when it's ready!!

April 3rd- Ring Wars Carolina in Fayetteville, NC

RWC in conjunction with SLAMminladies put on a Ladies Battle Royale to crown the first RWC women's champ. It was held Royale Rumble style. I couldn't begin to tell you all the action because I was a little busy myself but I know that I took Lorelei Lee out- sorry but loyalties must end when there's a belt on the line! I myself was eliminated by Allison Danger with a little help from Lacey and Brandi Wine. Brandi wine ended up the winner but I wouldn't say it was a clean win!! This one is up on SLAMminladies for sale or download!

April 2nd- APW in Statesboro, GA

I had never seen Trudi DeNucci wrestle but I had asked around about her and heard that she was well trained and had a bad attitude. I had Lorelei Lee traveling with me that day and when Trudi got on the mic and ran her mouth about how she would wrestle anyone for the belt it didn't matter who they were, Lorelei asked if she could have a shot. I was still jet lagged from all the travel so I wished her luck and sent her on out. Little did I know that Trudi just wanted to try to scare me off. She attacked Lorelei and continued choking her even after the ref called for the bell. I ran in to save Lorelei and challenged Trudi. Trudi and I started our match out cautiously. For all of her cocky attitude, I could tell she wanted to see what I was capable of. I got a couple of near falls on her and that made her nervous. She raked my eyes and went to work. She got pretty cocky again and started toying with me. Her mistake! I capitalized on that and almost got the three count. I whipped her off the ropes and we both came off with a cross body- big collision! We're both down. At about the 6 count I start to get to my feet. She's up too and we exchange chops. I whip her off the ropes. This time I get the cross body on her and get a two and a half count. I pick her up for a suplex but she counters with a small package and puts her feet on the ropes for the 3 count! Trudi may have kept the belt but the crowd knew who should have won.
Trudi went back to the ring later and helped Jeremy Young win his match. Jeremy, Tommy Nero and Trudi all started beating on Brent Silver so Ovi Juan and I hit the ring to help out. We ended up in a 6 man tag. Although they tried all their dirty tricks and knocked the poor ref out, I hit a LeX-Factor on Tommy Nero and got the three count. He didn't know what hit him!

March 31st-NWA-UK in conjunction with Midlands Pro Wrestling in Bedworth, Warwickshire, England

My first meeting with the young wrestler Jetta. She's only 17 but she trains with the guys so she is tough! She was also from Bedworth so I had no chance to get the crowd on my side. They saw me as the Yank who had come over to beat up their little sweetie. Ok- so I was! Jetta has a good chaining background so we wrestled a bit so I could see what she knew. She impressed me a bit but don't tell her I said that! By now, the crowd was annoying me and I hadn't had a decent cup of coffee in two weeks so I took it out on Jetta. I pulled out all my suplexes, Camel clutches, slams and quite a few chops and chokes but she just wouldn't give up. I even gave her a wicked belly chop while she was tied up in the ropes and she still refused. I tried to hook her for my Attitude Adjuster but evidently she had heard about that move and wouldn't even let me get close to hooking it. I missed a splash and she capitalized with a bulldog and an exploder suplex that almost landed me on my head! I barely got my shoulder up after that. Jetta threw me in a corner and went for a monkey flip which I hooked and set her on the top rope. She kicked me off but when she started to climb to the top I knocked her down, hooked her legs and powerbombed her right there. It wasn't my fault she was too close to the ropes and my legs were on them while I was pinning her. I didn't really need the help!!
We came back out during the battle royal which was Royal Rumble style. I was doing just great beating up on some of the English guys when Jetta came out like a little spitfire all upset and took me out!! That was just mean!

March 30th- NWA UK- Hammerlock in Chatham, Kent, England

This was at the Tap 'n' Tin Bar, a unique setup and a good crowd too. This was my first time wrestling with NWA-UK so I wanted to make a good impression. My opponent was Jezebel. She and I had locked it up once before in England so I knew she was a tough opponent. She was a little cocky coming out and I managed to counter all of her moves. She challenged me to a test of strength which was easy work for me until she monkey flipped me. I rolled on her for a two count but she kicked out. We traded some close pinfalls with me getting closer each time. I guess she got upset with that because she resorted to cheating and got a couple of good suplexes out before I knew what was happening. I kicked out of them but they winded me. She's a little quick one and kept getting in jabs before the ref or I knew what was happening. We both hit a clothesline and went down. When we got to our knees, we were already exchanging blows. I got the better of her and whipped her off the ropes. A big boot and she went up for the Attitude Adjuster!

March 26th- NWA Ireland in Bray County, Ireland

Rematch against Rebecca. Again the crowd was behind her but I didn't care. I was only there to prove a point. Well, two points. One, that women can really wrestle. In Ireland there is a definite shortage of women wrestlers. Rebecca is all they have right now and all they see is WWE wrestling. So, I wanted a hard hitting solid women's match. And two, I wanted to prove that I could beat Rebecca after my embarrassing loss in Navan County!! Before the bell could ring, I was attacking her but she got back on top with some reversals. Finally I powered her down and took over. I gave her some rough chops (she probably is still marked by them!!), side slams and suplexes to wear her down. She wouldn't give up to my camel clutch although I think she came close. She almost got a couple of quick pins on me towards the end but I got her up on my shoulders and adjusted her attitude! Lexie's first win in Ireland- it won't be the last!

March 19th- NWA Ireland in Navan County, Meath, Ireland

Match against Komeera aka Rebecca Knox. Rebecca was definitely the "home town hero" for this match. The crowd was really behind her and at first, she really got some good offense in. She's pretty good at chain and mat wrestling but I had the power moves over her so that's what I concentrated on. She took some hard bumps but kept on coming. I gave her one of my crucifix slams early in the match and she managed to kick out. I went for it again but she took me down and got a fast count!! She's in trouble now because I demanded a rematch for the next week! I was supposed to go back to England but decided to stay in Ireland to teach her a lesson!

March 5th- NWA Virginia in Richmond, VA

Rematch against Kiley McLean for the NWA Women's World Title. EoD was not allowed to get involved this time or so I thought. After entering the ring, I was ready to lock it up with Kiley when all four of her EoD members came ringside carrying chairs. They stated that they were just out to watch and wouldn't disurb the wrestling at all. I wasn't too sure about that! Kiley came running at me so I sidestepped her. She turned around and charged again so I did a drop toe hold to take her down and rotated it into a front facelock. She struggled to her feet with me holding on and pushed me into the ropes. I broke the hold but she shot me off the ropes and went for a clotheline. I ducked that and hit her with one of my own. When she got back to her feet, I swept her legs out and followed that up with an elbow and a legdrop. When I went for the pin, EoD got to their feet. I hopped up ready for whatever they had to throw at me but they settled back down. I turned back to Kiley and she was there with a big shortarm clothesline. A couple of suplexes later and I was regretting letting EoD get my attention! Kiley was using every cheap shot in the book. Closed fists, hairpulling and choking. She even tied me up in the ropes at one point with her leg across my neck choking me and stretching my back. I finally saw an opening when she threw me into a corner and waited an extra second before charging in. I managed to move and tried for a schoolboy pin. Kiley kicked out and reversed my attempt to whip her off the ropes. She went for a backdrop but I countered it with a big kick and clothesline. When she staggered up, I was right there with a crossbody block. 2 count. Kiley was winded so I grabbed her legs and started putting on the Figure Fyfe. EoD jumped up again and came over to the ring. I dropped Kiley's legs and got in fighting stance but they just ran their mouths and then settled down again. It was then that Kiley hit me with a big forearm from behind and then a fisherman's suplex. She then hooked in her Celtic Knot which is just as painful as it looks! I held on for as long as I could but finally had to submit. This feud is far from over though. We have both put each other out of commission with submission holds. What's next for us?!? You'll see soon!

February 27th- Professional Outlaw Wrestling in Seminole, FL

3- Way elimination dance against DeeDee "Kat" Venturi and Amy Sue. I told Kat to step back because I wanted to take on the rookie. Amy Sue is quick though because when I came at her, she took me down with a drop toe hold and then shot me off the ropes. I hit her with a forearm smash when I came running back and then threw her into DeeDee. That ticked DeeDee off so she threw me from the ring. She and Amy Sue locked up and reversed some holds. DeeDee whipped Amy Sue across the ring towards me and I went for a trip but barely caught her foot. It did cause her to stumble and DeeDee took advantage by laying a big forearm across her back. She went for a pin but I ran in and clocked DeeDee. I then slammed Amy Sue and went for the pin but she kicked up. I put her in a chinlock and was making good progress wearing her down when DeeDee put a chinlock on me! I finally let go of Amy Sue and she and DeeDee hit me with a double clothesline. After whipping me into a corner, Amy Sue showed off her gymnastic skills by doing some flippy moves and hitting me with an elbow. I slumped to the mat so she pulled me to the middle and went for a cover. Dee clobbered Amy and they went at it giving me time to recover. I jumped up and grabbed Dee. I threw her to outside hard and turned on Amy Sue. She came in to grab me but I gave her a swift kick to the gut and picked her up for the Attitude Adjuster. Amy Sue was eliminated. Dee snuck up behind me and hit me across the back. We exchanged some hits but she had the advantage and snap suplexed me. I got up and staggered back to the corner where she jumped up for some punches. I managed to grab her legs and took her to the mat in a powerbomb. I had had enough so I used the ropes for some leverage but the ref saw me. I got into his face and DeeDee took that opportunity to schoolboy me for the three count. Darn it!

February 26th- Bang! in Ocala, FL

This was a round robin tournament for the Women's title shot. Involved in the tournament was myself, Malia Hosaka and the Claw. Claw and Malia drew the first round with me going against the winner. They had a hard fought battle but Malia won although she used the ropes for leverage. Then it was my turn against Malia. I knew she would be winded from her first match so I took advantage and tried to keep her off her feet. She pulled me by the hair back to the corner and tried to armdrag me but I held on and came back on top with an arm bar. Malia was yelling by that point. I whipped her off the ropes but she reversed it and met me with a spin kick. Ouch- those hurt! She then threw me around by my hair for a bit which just made me angry! When she went for a splash, I lifted my knees and down she went. I threw her into a corner and hit my bulldog! 3 count. Now I had to face Claw. Boy, I needed water!! Claw had had a little break between matches so the advantage was with her now. She countered my first few moves so I thought I needed a short cut- rake the eyes. That helped! I slammed Claw hard and put her in a camel clutch. I really pulled back and stretched her out. I picked her up and suplexed her twice in a row. I went for the vertical but she blocked it and rolled me up in a small package. 3 count. Okay, now all three of us had won 2 matches a piece. Who was the winner?!? The announcer said that it was up to him to decide by his point system and he declared Malia as the winner. What?!?! The next thing that Claw and I saw was Malia giving him a big kiss! Alright- this means war!

February 25th- King Championship Wrestling in Jesup, GA

3- way elimination match against Malia Hosaka and Amy Sue. Malia and I had a little grudge from the last show here so she shoved Amy Sue aside and went after me. When I ducked her lock up attempt, got her in a waistlock and took her to the mat, she decided against that tactic and told Amy Sue to go after me. We locked up and I kept countering moves. She's not bad though- she had quite a few in her arsenal for a rookie. Finally Malia had enough when I went for a pin on Amy Sue and she kicked me. Then she enlisted Amy Sue to help break me down. They double clotheslined, double suplexed, double elbowed. Everytime they had me on the mat, Malia would yell at Amy Sue to pin me. I kept kicking out though. Finally when Amy Sue went for a splash, I lifted my knees and she took them hard. Malia went for a splash of her own and I rolled out of the way. Now I was fired up! I clotheslined both of them and then got them both with body slams. I whipped Malia into a corner and then Amy right after her. Then I hit them with a big splash. I whipped Amy into the opposite corner and splashed her. She staggered out. I followed up with Malia but when I went for the splash, she pulled Amy in my way. I splashed her hard and then felt a dropkick to my back which sent me through the ropes. Malia pulled Amy to her feet and gave her a swinging neckbreaker. Amy Sue was eliminated. Malia started yelling at Amy Sue who was yelling back so I snuck in and schoolboyed Malia. I felt weight on my back while I was pinning Malia. Amy Sue was helping me. I got the three count but wasn't happy about the help. All three of us had words but at least I still had my title!!

February 12th- Bang! in Ocala, FL

Rematch against Claw. I had a surprise for her this time though. Missy Hyatt was the special guest referee for our match! There is no love lost between Claw and Missy! Claw was trying her best but Missy was definitely on my side. She wouldn't let Claw get away with anything! In fact, Missy held Claw up in a full nelson so I could get a clearer shot at her. I went for a big forearm across the jaw but Claw ducked and I hit Missy! Oops! Claw grabbed me but I got loose and kicked her in the stomach. I gave her my Attitude Adjuster but Missy was still down. I went to help her up but she gave me a stunner! I was out when she helped Claw cover me and counted to three! Just wait Missy- you're on my enemy list now!

February 5th- Ring Wars Carolina

I was just here to meet and greet and let the fans know that we were bringing some SLAMminladies wrestling to Fayetteville. The crowd seemed to be enthusiastic about the upcoming women's matches so we're looking forward to the show. The other thing the fans liked was when KC McKnight came over to do his little Rick Rude wannabee dance to me. I gave him a hard shove which sent him to the gym floor. He didn't like it but the fans did!

February 4th- NWA Virginia in Richmond, VA

This was a Women's World title match so I had a little case of the nerves. I had heard so much about Kiley. She's a stiff and really tough worker everyone told me. I knew I had my work cut out for me. What I didn't expect was that she was going to bring her whole stable EoD to the ring with her. Evidently, she had heard a thing or two about me and really didn't want to lose her belt. We locked up and did the pushing, shoving thing trying to get a good hold. Things were going fine for me until one of her goons tripped me up while I was running off the ropes. Kiley took advantage of this and proceeded to give me a variety of suplexes and slams. She also kept throwing me to the ropes and letting her goons attack me while she distracted the ref. Kiley went for a Figure Four but when she rotated her back to me, I kicked her hard and sent her headfirst into the turnbuckle. I gave her a bulldog but one of EoD grabbed her foot and put it on the ropes. I dragged her to the middle of the ring and put her in the Figure Fyfe! Kiley was about ready to tap out when EoD rushed the ring. Dragan Frost grabbed me in a full nelson while Malicious Murphy reared back to hit me. The distracted ref saw this and grabbed Murphy's arm. I went into action kicking Murphy hard in the chest with both legs while grabbing Dragan's head and giving him a stunner. I got out of the ring quickly to the cheers of the crowd. I may not have won the belt but I did win the battle!

December 18th- IWA MidSouth in Rensselaer, IN

Three way elimination dance with myself versus Mickie Knuckles versus Daizee Haze. Daizee and Mickie work against each other a lot but that doesn't mean they aren't friends. They ganged up on me from the very beginning of the match and worked together to try to eliminate me. After whipping me into a corner Mickie gave me a clothesline which Daizee followed up. She egged Mickie on to give me a splash but I moved and pushed Daziee in her path at the last moment. Daizee wasn't expecting that and went down like she was run over. Mickie had her back to me as she checked on Daizee so I took advantage and started working her over. DDT in the corner and a Lexie Drop from the second rope had Mickie down. Daizee ran at me and tried to counter my clothesline with a crucifix but I caught her and slammed her down. I went for another Lexie Drop but she rolled out of the way. As I got to my feet, Daizee was coming off the top rope for a dropkick but I sideswiped her, turned around and there was Mickie with a big clothesline. A couple of punches and a European had me reeling. She gave me a Northern Lights Suplex but Daizee stopped the count. They may be friends but they do have a competitive edge. I threw Mickie out of the ring. Daizee whipped me off the ropes and Mickie grabbed one of my feet and pulled me outside. We exchanged punches and then Daizee did a baseball slide that knocked me to the floor. She helped Mickie back in the ring and then threw me in. Mickie pulled me into a reverse dragon sleeper and then Daizee dropkicked me in the back! Cheaters! Doubleteaming me! Mickie threw me in a corner and went for a monkey flip but I caught her and put her on the top rope. Punches to the gut but she clobbered me. As she came off the top rope with an ax handle, I ducked and gave her a double fist to the stomach. Daizee came at me but I was fired up. I hit her with a forearm to the face and threw her through the ropes where she got all tangled up. Mickie was just getting to her feet so I grabbed her and hit her with the Attitude Adjuster- one opponent down, one to go. Daizee snuck up behind me and tried for a schoolboy pin but I kicked out. She went for a tiltawhirl but I countered it into a backbreaker and put her in a camel clutch. She was squirming to get out and I knew she was in pain. I threw a clothesline which she ducked and hit me with her heart punch. She went for her Mafia kick but I spun out of the way and picked her up on my shoulders. She kept wiggling so I couldn't get a grip and slipped out of it. She hit her Daizee Cutter and as I was bent over, hit the Mafia kick. I don't remember the rest but they tell me the ref counted to three.

December 17th- IWA MidSouth in Noblesville, IN

IWA always tries to bring in quality women's wrestling so I like to work with them whenever I can. The crowd wasn't the largest I've wrestled in front of (nor the smallest!) but they were into the match. I wrestled Daizee Haze in our first meeting in a match. She's small but you know what they say about what comes in small packages!! I knew I would have my hands full. We started off chain wrestling- kind of feeling each other out. She got in a couple of quick pin attempts which made me go for the strength. I gave her a clothesline from h*ll and started in on the punishment. Suplexes leading to a nice vertical almost got me the three count. I got a little frustrated when Daizee countered my backbreaker attempt with a tiltawhirl headscissors. I sat on the top turnbuckle and started choking her. Unfortunately for me, she elbowed me and snapmared me over! I was a little slow getting to my feet and looked up just in time to get missile dropkicked. That knocked the wind out of Daizee too and when we both got to our feet we exchanged chops. I got the advantage there and picked her up for the Attitude Adjuster. I didn't get her up tightly enough though and she slipped behind me, spun me around and gave me a heart punch! That almost took me off my feet- her Mafia kick did the real damage and I was down for the count. Ok- first meeting didn't go as well as I planned!

November 27th- Pro Wrestling Entertainment in Mechanicsburg, PA

PWE is always nice to work with- very professional and a good show too. The last time I was in Mechanicsburg I was supposed to wrestle Fantasia for the belt but that's when I was injured and had to forfeit the match. I was eager to make it up to the fans who had told me last time that they were really disappointed to not see us wrestle. Fantasia and I always have hard hitting matches and we push each other to really do our best so I knew we would have a "slobberknocker!"
We locked up and started chain wrestling. Fantasia has a lot of power but I'm pretty quick so I was able to counter a lot of moves before she could really lock them in. She got a little upset and slid to the outside to get her thoughts straight. When she went to get back in, I rushed her but she got a handful of hair and choked me. She started beating me down and cheating when she thought the ref wasn't looking. She had me in a leg lock and I managed to kick her back hard enough to make her let go but she clamped back down on my leg and started to bite too! Finally, she went for a Figure Four and I kicked her off hard. Fantasia's head hit the turnbuckle and I grabbed her for a suplex, rolled with it and hit another. She kicked out and I DDT'd her but we were too close to the ropes. I chopped her back to the corner and whipped her off to the other corner. I was going for a big splash but she moved and pushed the ref in my path. I couldn't stop and hit him hard. He went down. I checked on him and then turned to go after Fantasia. She hit me with the belt and then covered me with the belt hidden between us (saw this on the tape- I was out of it at the time). The ref counted to three slowly but I was too gone to kick out anyway. Fantasia may have kept the PWE Women's belt but all the fans know it wasn't by fair means. I'll see her in the ring in 2005 and she better watch out!

November 25th- !BANG! in Ocala, FL

This was the first time I had worked for Marti and Dory Funk, Jr's group. It's a cool setup that they have to tape their tv shows. I want to thank everyone for making me feel at home backstage. However, it was also Thanksgiving night and I was a little upset at leaving my family's house and all the good food to come and wrestle a little rookie named Claudia "The Claw" Reiff. She is usually their referee but has been training to wrestle and has been doing pretty well. In fact, she beat their U.S. Champion recently and had the belt. I was willing to relieve her of that! It didn't help my mood that "the Claw" was a fan favorite already. They didn't like me before they even had met me! Just because I wanted to beat up their little champion! So, okay, I came out with an attitude- oh well!
We started out with some chain wrestling and she was pretty good. In fact she countered everything I threw at her. Well, I know how to take care of that! She whipped me off the ropes and went for a back drop. I countered it with a hard kick to the shoulder which knocked her off balance and hit her with a clothesline that almost took her head off. She was a little woozy at that point so I took advantage. Side slams, back breakers and maybe a little choking on the ropes took a lot more of the fight out of her. She countered a clothesline by ducking and hitting me with a cross body but I kicked right out. I whipped her into a corner and went charging in only to encounter a raised elbow. She hopped up to sit on the turnbuckle so I caught her with some gut punches. She blocked one of my punches, hit me and pulled me in. Tornado DDT. I got up slowly from that and she was waiting with a knee lift. That dropped me to all fours so I tried to crawl away to catch my breath. She caught me in an Oklahoma Roll that she squeezed in tight. I couldn't kick out fast enough and she kept her belt. I tried to attack after the match but the ref held me back. I'm not counting it as a loss though- I'll just blame it on the turkey I ate earlier- isn't it supposed to make you sleepy?!? I was just off my game that night!

November 20th- Southern Championship Wrestling in Durham, NC

SCW was one of the first promotions that I worked for outside of my training school shows. A lot of great wrestlers worked for them over the last 10 years- many of them who are on tv now. They decided that they were going to close their doors and asked who could be at their last show. Of course I contacted them right away! I also asked if it was possible that they contact Brandi Wine so we could have a final match for them. The day started out with a Fan Fest so we were there early setting up. Quite a few fans showed up early for it and even more came in right before the show started. There were a ton of matches on the show since a lot of wrestlers wanted to come back and show their appreciation to SCW, Count Grog and the NC fans.
Brandi Wine and I went on pretty early since she had another obligation that night to be at. Strangler was our ref- he was with SCW in the beginning also. We both came out to the ring and Brandi wasted no time by attacking me from behind. She immediately started cheating- punching and choking. She whipped me off the ropes but I ducked her clothesline and gave her one of my own. I picked her up and gave her two rolling suplexes. Brandi kicked out of that pin attempt and I whipped her off the ropes and gave her a drop toe hold. I grabbed her in a front facelock and started to wear her down. Brandi worked her way to her feet and rammed me into the corner. Kicks to the abs and choking was how she was trying to win. I countered her back drop attempt with a sunset flip but she dropped to her butt on my abs. I managed to get her arms caught and brought her down in a pin but she kicked back up. We rolled and I ended up sitting on Brandi's back and wrapped up her legs. I rolled her over to go for a Boston Crab but she kicked me off and trapped me in the corner. Lots more choking. Snap mare to a chinlock and Brandi choked me some more! I worked up to my feet and gave her a chinbump. I was fired up. I chopped her back to a corner, chopped her and started giving her a taste of her own medicine. The crowd was cheering as I threw her around by her long hair. I went for a cover after three hair mares but she kicked out. I went for a splash but landed right on Brandi's knees as she lifted them at the last moment. Brandi hit me with a clothesline and a double leg drop to the stomach. She whipped me off the ropes and I hit a cross body but she rolled through and put her feet on the ropes. Strangler caught her and she jumped up to argue with him. I took advantage and rolled her up placing all of my weight on her legs so she couldn't kick out. I became the last SCW Diva Champ!
Thanks SCW for all the memories!

November 19th- King Championship Wrestling in Jesup, GA

I always love wrestling for the fans in Jesup, GA. I've been wrestling there for years and I always go back. Malia Hosaka didn't seem to like it at all though! I went out to the ring early in the night to say hi to the fans. Malia heard about this and went out later and just put the fans down. By the time our match was on, the fans wanted me to kick her butt.
We had a pretty even start of our match. A lot of back and forth chain wrestling until a fan ticked Malia off and she took it out on me. A couple really hard kicks and some choking on the ropes and I was feeling it! Malia was feeling cocky at that point and challenged me to a test of strength. As we locked into it, she kicked me in the ribs and I went to my knees. I powered back up though and tripped her down. I got her in a Boston Crab but she countered by rolling through. We did some rolling pins each trying to better the other. I jackknifed over her but she kicked out. When I came back at her, she hit me with a spin kick whipped me in the corner and came running at me. I blocked her charge with an elbow and hit two suplexes and my bulldog. One, two... what, the ref didn't count to three?!? I'm not sure what happened- maybe she paid him off? I got to my feet and Malia hit me and threw me out of the ring. She went to follow me out so I grabbed her legs and pulled her through the ropes. We fought all the way to the back through the curtains. Some wrestlers in the back seperated us and then kept me away from the ref too. I had a perfect win record in Jesup until this night!!!!

November 7th- Vanguard Championship Wrestling in Hampton, VA

This was originally a match scheduled against Kameo but when she was diagnosed with MS she called good buddy Fantasia to take care of me- or so she thought! Fantasia is a hard hitting, anything goes fighter and she is strong. We locked up and she immediately took my arm and started beating on it. She whipped me off the ropes and went for a back drop which I countered by hooking her arms and doing a back slide. She kicked out mad and clotheslined me. Elbow drop to the back and she went for a one legged crab. Good thing I have a high pain threshold! When she realized that I wouldn't give up to that, she started cheating and choking me on the ropes. I was able to counter a couple of her moves but she would power back out of things. Fantasia was certainly in a foul mood that night! I finally got back on top and got a couple of suplexes on her and then my running bulldog. One, two, three. Victory was mine that night. Boy, I had some nasty chop marks though!

November 6th- Ultimate Championship Wrestling in Louisa, VA

I hadn't wrestled for UCW in a couple of years so it was really nice to "go home" for a show. The fans are always great and UCW is like a big family. This was my first meeting with Eva Destruction and she was all I had heard about- bad attitude!! She is being managed by one of my arch rivals, Neil Sharkey. He and I have had a few run-ins over the years. Eva attacked me from behind as I was waving to some fans and it was on! I countered her attack by ducking a clothesline and hitting a cross body followed up by an arm drag. Out to the floor Eva scooted to consult with Guru Sharkey. I went to the ropes to help pull her in but she grabbed a handful of hair and pulled my neck across the top rope. She got the upper hand for a few minutes as I tried to get my breath back. Neil took every opportunity to choke me when I would get too close to him. Eva missed a splash in the corner and I got in some offense. I hit her with my bulldog and Neil jumped up on the ring apron and distracted the ref. When I went to confront Neil and the ref, Eva grabbed the chain that she had worn around her neck. I grabbed an end of it and we had a short tug of war until she let go, fell backward with a big noise holding on to her head like I had hit her. Neil and the ref were still arguing so the ref didn't see what happened. The ref turned around, saw me with the chain and Eva rolling around holding her head and moaning from "pain." He assumed that I had used the chain on Eva and disqualified me!! He wouldn't listen to the fans who were trying to tell him that I didn't hit her. She's lucky I didn't decide to attack her with it after the disqualification- what would I have lost at that point!?!

October 30th- Georgia Championship Wrestling in Columbus, GA

This was my first time with GCW and I must say that I was impressed. They had a nice, big, air-conditioned building with tv cameras everywhere and a long ramp to walk down. Very professional looking! The company was also run professionally and the locker room was very relaxed. Nice place to work and I hope I go back! This was Desire and my second match and I had lost the first one so I was looking for a little revenge. When my music started I took my time walking down the ramp. It was the day before Halloween so I was carrying a black witch's cauldron. In it was plastic spiders which I threw into the crowd. Of course, Desire had to outdo me and she brought candy to throw out. Guess who was cheered for in our match!?!? I decided to have no mercy on this girl. I mean, she broke her back a year ago and dares to step in the ring with me? I'm going to take advantage of that! She got in a few moves in the beginning while I was still warming up but after I almost decapitated her with a clothesline, she was all mine. I started "softening" her up with a camel clutch and then a surfboard planting both feet in her back. She got a short reprieve when she countered my back drop attempt with a sunset flip but I immediately set out to destroy her. After a couple of forearm smashes to her back, she crawled her way over to the ropes. Big mistake! I pulled her through the middle and top by the hair and then made her bend way over the top rope putting a lot of pressure on the back. Her screams were music to my ears! A couple of back breakers and I thought it was all over. I hooked her for a backbreaking suplex and she somehow countered it into a small package. I almost couldn't get out of it fast enough but got my shoulder up. A kick to the gut and I hooked her for the Attitude Adjuster. I was swinging her up onto my shoulders when she started wiggling like crazy and got loose. She rolled me up and got the three count. Ok, that's what happened last time too so I'm going to study the tape and figure out what I'm doing wrong! She's pretty tall so maybe I just need to hook her tighter or something. Desire, I've learned my lesson with you. You won't get out of my finisher next time!!

October 16th- SCW Florida in Altamonte Springs, FL

This was their 6th year anniversary show and I was on hand for autograph signing and meet and greet only. I was enjoying the show until the Heartbreak Express and their slimy, mullet-headed manager, Gary Garvin came out. I don't know why he always has to be nasty to me. They were wrestling the Hellraisers for the tag team titles. Gary pulled the ref out of the ring and threw one of the belts in allowing his team the win. I had seen enough. I hit the ring and put a thrashing to Gary until the Heartbreakers chased me off. He challenged me to a match. What?? Did he forget what happened the last time I kicked his a**?

October 9th- Spinebuster Championship Wrestling in Valdosta, GA

Okay, I'm going against doctor's orders but I can't stay out of the ring any longer!! I was scheduled to make an appearance at Spinebuster Championship Wrestling in Valdosta, GA. No wrestling match was planned but they called me a day ago to see if I wanted a shot at TNA's Desire. I couldn't turn it down. It was for SCW's tv show and against someone I haven't wrestled before. I figured I could tape up and get through it. I bought some really good tape and a tight elbow wrap. Got dressed, iced the arm down, took my Aleve and wrapped up tight. Went out for the match. We lock up and I get her in a top wrist lock and take her down to the mat (no one saw the hair pull, right?) She counters it into a hammerlock and my right hand hits the mat. I see stars. Okay, maybe this wasn't a good idea. I get hit with a clothesline and a dropkick before I counter her backdrop attempt with a kick and a clothesline of my own. Now, I'm thinking, what do I do? I can't do a lot of my back breaker stuff because I still don't have any power in my arm to hold someone. Camel clutch I can do for now. I got really brutal with it too because I was a little ticked at the pain. I rammed Desire's head into a turnbuckle, turn her around and chop her. What was I thinking?!?!? I about sat down and cried. I guess it was an automatic thing to chop her but, the pain. Why didn't I think first?!? I managed to overcome it and slam her to the mat. Big leg drop and then an elbow drop. Stupid!!! I have to learn to do some of these things with the left hand/arm! Now, I'm really hurting. Desire takes advantage of it and gets me with a Russian Leg Sweep. I kick out at two. She throws me to the corner but I get a boot up and she staggers back. I grab her up on my shoulders for the Attitude Adjuster but I can't hold her with my arm and she wiggles out. She rolls me up and I kick out a split second too late! Just wait...when my arm's all better, I'll get her!!

October 3rd- GLORY convention in West Patterson, NJ

I was supposed to be meeting Venus in the ring but again, I can't wrestle. I'm still in the sling but I had to take it off because it got in the way of autograph signing at the convention. Somebody asked me where my elbow went because my arm got so swollen. I didn't even notice that part. It was hurting to the point that I wish I had let the doctor give me the "good stuff." After looking at my elbow, I was getting a little worried about it but the show must go on. I found out that Lady Vendetta didn't have a scheduled match and asked if she would be my fill-in. She agreed so when they announced me for my match, I came out and introduced my "second." Venus didn't look too happy. I think she thought she was getting a free ride that night. I must say that Venus has been working out and training hard. She started off strong and then as she was whipped off the ropes right by me, she must have tripped...over my good hand. She turned to me and that gave Lady Vendetta the opening she needed. Once she even threw Venus out of the ropes right by me and I put the boots to the youngster who thought I was faking an injury to get out of wresting her. Lady Vendetta and I had it all worked out and I was ready to trip up Venus once again and hold her feet while Lady V pinned her. As I was mouthing off at a rude fan, Lady V whipped Venus but I guess Venus reversed it and I accidentally tripped up Lady V. Venus rolled her up for the pin and we lost!!! Not a good way to end the weekend!! By the way, I watched the other matches and all the ladies worked their butts off! I got to see a lot of ladies for the first time. Great wrestling and quite a few made a very good impression on me!! We shot some stuff for SLAM with several of them later that week and they impressed me again. For those of you that I talked with but we haven't shot with yet. We'll get it scheduled- you ladies are good!

October 2nd- PWE in Mechansburg, PA

Well,after spending the morning in a WV hospital for X-rays and exam on my arm which has just gotten worse over night, the diagnosis, while not the worse it could be, is bad enough so that I can't wrestle that night. Now, those of you who know me, know that not much will keep me from a match. I really thought that as long as nothing was broken, I would be in that ring. Well, the x-ray technician brought tears to my eyes by just moving my arm. After that, I was pretty sure I wouldn't be having my title shot that night. Final diagnosis was that I had done some muscle and tendon damage but nothing was torn or broken. I still didn't have feeling in my hand because everything was so swollen and bunched up inside that the nerve was being pinched off. Doctor's orders: no wrestling that night, splint the arm and keep it in a sling. Ice it and try to keep still. The only battle I won was that I didn't want any narcotic pain killers so they gave me prescription Aleve. I called Tiffany and gave her the news... I would still be there but I couldn't wrestle. When I got to the show, it was just about to start. Right after the first match, Fantasia interrupted Tiffany and started talking about how she heard that I was hurt but that I was faking it because I was afraid to face her, blah, blah, blah. I went out to face her down. I have never missed a show before in nine years and wasn't about to let anyone talk about me like that. Everyone could see I was in a lot of pain. Fantasia still started getting in my face and I was trying to figure out what I would do when Tiffany stepped in and said she would strip Fantasia of the belt if she so much as touched me. That made me feel a little better. I was ready to swing but I'm not really good at punching left handed! I told her that I would face her again in Mechanicsburg whenever they can get it setup. I'll let you know when that will be.

October 1st- Mountain State Wrestling in Bud, WV

Nicole Starr was still showing her true bad girl self at this show attacking me again from behind while I was talking with the fans. I got back up on top after she whipped me off the ropes and I hit her with some flying chops followed up by an arm drag. Nicole managed to get to the ropes and rake my eyes gaining a warning from the ref. She tried to wear me down with repeated chokes and a long surfboard. I regained momentum when I countered her backdrop attempt with a sunset flip. When she turned to argue with the ref, I schoolboy rolled her but only got the two. I tried to whip her into the corner but she reversed it and hit me with a splash. Then she whipped me off the ropes but I ducked her clothesline and hit a high cross body. Something happened when I landed and a really bad pain went up my arm and everything from the elbow down went numb. Working on adrenaline and experience, I quickly shot her into a corner hard and when she staggered out, I hit my running bulldog. One, two, three. Victory was mine but that didn't make my arm feel any better. I still didn't have any feeling in the hand and fingers and the rest just hurt.

September 30th- Mountain State Wrestling in Beckley, WV

Nicole Starr was showing a new side. She didn't care about the fans anymore. In fact, she was downright rude and started cheating right away by attacking me before the bell. She whipped me off the ropes and went for a hip toss which I reversed and gave her one instead. I then gave her two quick arm drags and she rolled out of the ring to regroup. I got tired of the ref's slow count out so I went over to help her back in and she grabbed me by the hair and choked me on the top rope. Nicole then continued to choke me on the ropes and after the ref admonished her, put me in a camel clutch while pulling on my hair. She continually broke the count by letting go of my hair for a split second before grabbing a handful again. I managed to work my way to the ropes and before she could do anything. I grabbed a handful of her hair. I thought it was time to give her a piece of her own medicine. I hairmared her a couple of times and then got her in a sleeper. Nicole worked her way to her feet and dropped back to her butt giving me a jawbreaker. She threw me into a corner and came charging at me. I got an elbow up in time and she went staggering. I hopped up on the second rope and did a cross body. Somehow she rolled through while grabbing my tights and got the three count. The ref didn't even notice!! He was wearing glasses- I guess he needs a stronger prescription.

September 17th- ELW in Greenfield, IN

I came out and issued an open invitation to anyone brave enough to step into the ring with me. Noone came out right away so I started to beat up on the poor ref. Some music hit and out of the curtains comes Super J. I attacked her before she was totally in the ring and whipped her off. She ducked my clothesline and my elbow and hit me with a crossbody. She then got me with a dropkick and a crossbody from the ropes. Super J whipped me off the ropes and went for a backdrop but I saw it coming and kicked her in the face. I was ticked off. How dare she come into my ring and try her superhero stuff on me?!?! I lost count on how many times I clotheslined, bodyslammed and suplexed her. She did get a one count with a schoolboy when I missed a splash but that was her only defense. I got her on my shoulders and hit the Attitude Adjuster and it was over. You know, I have to give her credit though. She was the only one who came out after I made my challenge. Super J does have some guts!!

September 11th- SAW in Highgate Center, VT

This was a 5-way elimination match for the SAW women's championship belt. It was Lady Amazon, Debbie Sue and Tallulah Rae Franklin, Alexzandra Heiress and myself all vying for the belt. Alexzndra and I had formed an alliance and I was fine with helping her out. After all, she was the champ already. Of course, if it came down to just she and I, I would have no problem taking the belt from her. I'm not that loyal! Anyway, I started off the action against Tallulah Rae. Not only is she a big, strong girl, she also knows her wrestling so I knew I would have my hands full. So I did what I do best in those situations, I used devious measures. It's not my fault that the ref can't see everything that happens. Tallulah managed to tag out to her sister Debbie Sue so I tagged in Alexzandra. What does she do? Ducks under Debbie Sue's arms and tags me back in! Hmmm... okay, I can handle this. I ran at Debbie Sue to tackle her and it was like hitting a brick wall. I tried this twice and it really hurt. After that I was a little hesitant to lock up with her and the fickle crowd started calling me a chicken!! I am not a chicken- I was just thinking through my options. I ran at her like I was going for the tackle again but instead I stepped on her toes and then went for the leg. See, tactics, if I kept her on the mat, I had a better chance for a pin and pin her I did. Don't listen to the rumours about my feet on the ropes. They weren't- just ask Alexzandra! Tallulah came in to argue with the ref but she seemed to be fascinated by the fact that he was a male. I attacked her and started the beat down. I went for a suplex and she blocked it and hit me with an inverted neckbreaker. I was eliminated. From there, it was all fuzzy to me. Lady Amazon ran in and rolled up the again distracted Tallulah. As I was stumbling to the back, I saw Alexzandra try to leave the ring but she was pulled back in by Lady Amazon. She had Alexzandra by the hair and must have hurt Alexzandra's already bad knee. Alexzandra fell to the mat and called for a time out to check her knee. Lady Amazon turned her back and Alexzandra performed a textbook schoolboy pin. Alexzandra Heiress retains the SAW women's championship belt.

September 3rd- Dragon*Con in Atlanta, GA

Three-way dance with Lady Victoria, Vanessa Harding and myself. Lady Victoria decided to jumpstart this match literally by attacking Vanessa while her back was turned. She then turned around and shoved me but when I shoved back, she fell over top a crawling Vanessa. Vanessa and I decided to work together against the devious Lady Victoria and it was going well until we started to argue with each other over pinning rights. We set Lady V up in the corner for a splash and instead of sending me off to hit Lady V, Vanessa turned it into a short arm clothesline and took me down. As we fought for control, we rolled over the poor ref! Lady V recovered from our beating and joined back in the fray. After several chops and kicks in the corner, I was ready for a break and Lady V started in on Vanessa choking her on the ropes. She even put the ref on Vanessa's back at one point. After giving Vanessa a nasty DDT, Lady V came back my way. I had gotten the break I needed though and hit her with a LeX-Factor before she knew what happened. I told the ref to cover her and I would count. He did and when she tried to push him off, I caught him and threw him back on her. He almost pinned her! By now, Lady V was mad and Vanessa made the mistake of trying to hit her. She ran right into Lady V's boot and was swung up into the tombstone piledriver. Ouch! Vanessa was eliminated. Lady V came back after me and almost got a three count when she pinned me with her feet on the ropes. The ref saw them and wouldn't count the pin. This got Lady V a little mad at him and she bodyslammed him to the mat. I took advantage and scooped her up with a schoolboy. One, two, three. Victory was mine!

Tour in England!

August 29th- All Star Wrestling in Bognor (Butlin's Holiday Park) England- Mixed tag match with myself and Mikey Whiplash versus Riptide and Five Star Flash. Riptide and Five Star won the match.

August 28th- All Star Wrestling in Minehead (Butlin's Holiday Park) England- Mixed tag match with myself and Mikey Whiplash versus Riptide and Five Star Flash. Riptide and Five Star won the match.

August 27th- All Star Wrestling in Torquay, England. Single's match against Riptide. Riptide beat me with a running bulldog.

August 26th- All Star Wrestling in Minehead (Butlin's Holiday Park)- Mixed tag match with myself and Mikey Whiplash versus Riptide and Kid Cool. Riptide and Kid Cool beat us.

August 25th- All Star Wrestling in Bognor (Butlin's Holiday Park) England- Mixed tag match with myself and Mikey Whiplash versus Riptide and Frankie Sloan. Riptide and Frankie Sloan won the match. Maybe I should have kept him as my partner?

August 24th- All Star Wrestling in Skegness (Butlin's Holiday Park) England- Mixed tag match with myself and Frankie Sloan versus Riptide and James Mason. Frankie Sloan and I won.

August 23rd- All Star Wrestling on Isle of Man- Single's match-myself versus Riptide. I beat Riptide with the LeX-Factor.

August 21st- IWF in Newcastle, England- First all ladies show for Newcastle!! It was "Team Phoenix" (the good guys) versus "Team Angel" ( the bad guys). Team Phoenix consisted of our captain Phoenix, Komeera, Jade and myself. Team Angel was the captain, Sharna "Angel" O'Neil, Jezebel, Courtney Synn and Riptide. It was a ladies tournament to determine the first Ladies Night Out champion and the team champion.

1st round results-
Riptide won against Phoenix
Komeera beat Courtney Synn
Jezebel won against Jade
Lexie Fyfe beat Sharna "Angel" O'Neil- won by submission using the Figure Fyfe (inverted Indian Deathlock)

Special Grudge match-
Pippa L'Vinn beat Shelby Beach

2nd round results-
Riptide beat Komeera with a moonsault.
Lexie Fyfe beat Jezebel with the Attitude Adjuster.

IWF Women's title match- This was an announced match which happened when Phoenix (the current IWF women's champ) stated that she would defend the belt whenever against whomever. Courtney Synn, despite her loss to Komeera, had enough spunk to try for it. Phoenix retained her belt very quickly.

Final- Lexie Fyfe beat Riptide with a powerbomb.

Team Phoenix wins the first ever women's wrestling tournament in Newcastle!!!

July 18th- Professional Outlaw Wrestling in Seminole, FL

Opponent- Malia Hosaka
I was not in the best of moods for this match. I had just had my family reunion the day before in Chicago, IL and flew back home that morning to make it to this match. Iím not a morning person at all and our flight left at 6:30 am which meant that I had to be up at 4:30am in order to get to the airport in time! Ughh! Already not a good day! Then I get in the ring with Malia and she starts in with her martial arts kicks and fast arm drags and Iím getting all dazed. So I got a little mean and started in with some slingshots that sent her across the ring and yes, maybe I choked her in the ropes a little. She got back on top though with those flying chops of hers (one of which chipped my tooth!). When she went for a monkey flip, I had had enough. I caught her and sat her on top of the ropes. I pushed her backwards and made sure she was nice and tangled in the ropes. She was hanging there upside down and at my mercy. I went a little nuts and stopped listening to the ref and the next thing I know, heís disqualifying me!! Well, I slapped him and went to leave. He was helping Malia get loose from the ropes so I came back and stomped her bad knee a couple more times for good measure. Then I went home and got some sleep.

July 10th- USWF in McClenney, FL

Opponent- Kassidy
Kassidy came out with an attitude that I hadnít seen before. It seems that she didnít really care what the fans thought of her- she just was focused and not very friendly. She did shake my hand before we started but I donít think that meant anything. She choked me, picked me up by my hair and, in general, was not her rule following self. We were having a pretty even match though until I hit her with a LeX- Factor. It should have been all over but that dastardly Gary Garvin came out and distracted both the ref and me. I turned back around to Kassidy who hit me with two deadly kicks. I was out. When I shook it off, I saw Kassidy leaving the ring and Gary trying to shake her hand. She dismissed him and walked off. Gary got on the mic and tried to put me down. I grabbed another mic and told him what I thought of him and his mullet. I also told him that I wanted a rematch with Kassidy on the next show and that when I beat her, I wanted 5 minutes in the ring with him. He agreed readily so I know heís got something evil planned but Iíll be ready for it.

July 9th- Mountain State Wrestling in Clay, WV

Opponents- Nicole Starr and Fantasia
Three- way dance- Fantasia vs. Nicole Starr vs. me. I came out to the ring first and got the crowdís approval. Next out was Nicole Starr and she seemed very focused. When Fantasia came out, she was scowling and looking very ticked off. Hmmm- wonder why sheís always in a bad mood? Fantasia came right after me when the bell rang but I ducked out of her way and got her right back. She slipped out of the ring. Nicole and I locked up and wrestled with me getting the advantage on the rookie. After a couple of near falls, she slid out of the ring to regroup. Fantasia called her over and started whispering to her. Uh oh- I was a little concerned about that! Nicole came around to the other side and started to come into the ring. I went after her and Fantasia hit me from behind. After that it was two on one, except that neither one wanted to lose the match either so they kept pulling each other off of pins and putting submission holds on each other instead of working together. That gave me the chances that I needed to get back in the fight. Finally I hit Fantasia with my running bulldog and went for a pin. Nicole tried to kick me off and then went to drop an elbow. I missed and she hit Fantasia. I quickly sat on top of both of them. Fantasia was out of it and neither of them had any leverage. The ref declared me the winner!! I think Fantasia and Nicole had words but I didnít stick around to see.

July 8th- Mountain State Wrestling in Beckley, WV

Opponent- Nicole Starr
This was my first match against Nicole since she was brand new to wrestling. I knew I would have to be careful because this was not going to be the same rookie that I had faced before. I was right about that! She fought her way out of my moves and seemed determined to not get pinned. She also had the home town advantage so the fans were on her side. Every time I did anything to her, they would boo- I hate crowds like that! Nicole got a really near pin on me when my attention was diverted by some stupid lady in the front row who said a disparaging remark about my wrestling skills. Nicole rolled me in a schoolboy that I nearly couldnít get out of. She backed me in a corner and started with the punishment. When she came running at me, I thought fast and got my boots up. She went down hard and I pinned her. Okay- I may have used a little leverage on the ropes but I was tired and wanted the match to be over. Anyway, what the ref doesnít see, doesnít count.

July 3rd- South Georgia Wrestling Alliance in Hazlehurst, GA

Opponents- Angel Williams and ODB
July 3rd- South Georgia Wrestling Alliance in Hazlehurst, GA. Three-way dance- ODB vs. Angel Williams vs. me. The crowd was loving Angel and me but ODB wasnít really working the love. She started shoving Angel and I which caused us to get a little irritated. We quickly retaliated and clotheslined her over the top rope. Angel and I started wrestling and I almost got a pin on Angel but ODB came in and hit me. She got a couple of strong moves on me and then threw me to the outside. I took a breather and watched Angel and ODB go at it. Angel is pretty quick but ODB has the power. ODB whipped Angel into a corner and hit her with a huge splash. She whipped her into the corner near me and went for a splash again but I pulled Angel out of the way and ODB took the corner hard. I came in with a quick clothesline and a side slam. I got her hooked for a Rock Bottom but she elbowed me. Angel quickly hooked her and we all went down in a three way Russian Leg Sweep. Ouch!! I donít think that did any of us good. I know it knocked the wind out of me. They started to get to their feet and I rolled to a corner to try to get my breath back. ODB was getting frustrated because she couldnít get the upper hand on Angel. She tossed Angel through the ropes and I saw my opportunity. I kicked her as she turned towards me and hit the Attitude Adjuster. It was over for ODB. Angel was trying to get back into the ring but she was pretty out of it. I quickly pulled her in and hit a LeX-Factor. She couldnít get up from it and I got the pin.

June 26th- Southern Championship Wrestling-FL in Haines City, FL

Opponent- Gary Garvin
Gary Garvin who is the manager of the Heartbreak Xpress had been running his mouth about how women shouldnít wrestle- blah, blah, blah. I got tired of hearing it so I challenged him to a hardcore rules match. He went out to the ring with his two sidekicks- the Heartbreak Xpress. I came out with a kendo stick and an attitude! The crowd was also tired of hearing his bs so they couldnít wait to see me beat the little shrimp up! He tried to chain wrestle me- what was he thinking?!? When he realized that wasnít going to work, he resorted to choking and pulling my hair (worse than any woman Iíve been in the ring with). He also managed to get to my kendo stick and used it against me. Man, that thing hurts! I turned the tide on him though and got him trapped in a corner. The chops rang out especially after a ripped his shirt and bared his skinny chest. I ended up putting him out with a sleeper hold. The ref declared me the winner and thatís when his tag team decided to make their entrance. What happened next? I didnít quite remember until I watched the tape. After giving me a big double flapjack, they pulled a table into the ring and double slammed me through it! Just wait boys, Iíll get my revenge!

June 19th- Florida Championship Wrestling in Big Cypress, FL

Opponent- Fantasy
Now, itís no secret that Iím not too fond of this venue. Itís always too hot and the mosquitos are bigger than most birds! So, Iím never in a great mood in Big Cypress. It doesnít help that no matter who I fight, the crowd always cheers for them. Oh well, it doesnít matter because I am the FCW womenís champ! Fantasy was having a fantasy that day thinking that she could come down and take my belt. No way was I going to allow that to happen! We started out chain wrestling, trying to feel each otherís styles out. I had wrestled her once before but I figured she might have a few more tricks up her sleeve. She tried to outwrestle me and use her speed so I cut her down and started the beating. I love overpowering these little girls! They are so easy to throw around! I will give her credit though. She put up a good fight and got a couple of two counts (just because I was resting!). Fantasy made a fatal error though when she went to the top rope. I knocked into the ropes which caused her to lose her balance and fall to the mat. All I had to do at that point was the Attitude Adjuster and it was all over. Take my belt? I donít think so!

May 30th- IWA MidSouth Women's Tournament in Hammond, IN

Opponent- Mickie Knuckles
My first round match was against newcomer Mickie Knuckles. I thought that it would be a cake walk for me. A brand new rookie would have no chance against my 9 years experience. Of course, I didn't take in consideration that she would have the crowd behind her and that she was tough as heck. My chops didn't seem to faze her and my surfboard which has most people wanting to give up just seemed to make her more mad. Mickie fed off of the crowd's enthusiasm and got free from my grasp. She hit me with a Shining Kawada kick and I don't remember much after that. The next thing I know I'm sitting in the locker room with an ice bag on my head. Hmmmm- I wasn't even sure I lost until I watched the video. That's okay- I'll be watching for those kicks next time and we'll just see what happens then!!! (BTW- Smart Mark Video has the video for sale of the tournament- definitely worth the price!!!)

May 29th- PWE in Newport, PA.

Opponent- Fantasia
This was a title shot against PWE Women's champ Fantasia. Now you would think that after 9 years in the business, Fantasia and I would have crossed paths by now but it never happened until this night. That's probably a good thing too because both of our careers may have been a lot shorter had we been feuding all along. This was one of the hardest and longest live battles I have ever had. The match was a 30 minute time limit, pinfalls or submissions. We stretched and pushed each other to the limits. Besides being a talented wrestler, Fantasia also has a bad temper and a habit of cheating to win. I was determined not to let her take advantage of that. We went back and forth a lot. Some really painful holds were put on both of us. She is really strong! I gained some momentum back and backed her into a corner. Some chops and punches followed and I threw her hard to the other corner. She bounced out right into my bulldog and one, two, what...the bell rang?? It can't be over. I had her pinned... we had gone the entire 30 minutes and they were calling the match a draw. Fantasia retained the belt. I'm not satisfied by this first meeting between Fantasia and myself and am already in negotiations with PWE for a rematch.

May 22nd-

The match was canceled last minute due to my opponent's personal problems. I was dressed and ready to go and was so ticked off that I would have fought anyone. Rather smartly, everyone politely declined to take me up on my locker room challenge!

May 15th- BBOW in Jeffersonville, IN.

Opponent- Syren
This was the town I lived in when I was in Indiana. Now I remember why I moved (lol). It was a rainy, dreary day and the show was outdoors!! Needless to say, we didn't have what I would call a large crowd. That's okay though because it's all about the wins. Last time I met up with Syren in the ring I beat her but I knew that she had been training hard since that match almost a year and a half ago. I knew that I would have my work cut out for me but with the mood I was in, I knew that she would be sorry that she stepped in the ring with me! We started off chain wrestling. I wanted to see what she had learned- she almost impressed me with some of her reversals but I wasn't about to let her get the upper hand for long. Maybe I took a couple of short cuts but, hey, if the ref doesn't' see it, it doesn't count!! She got back at me when I missed a splash in the corner and got in some hard kicks before I knocked her back off of her feet. As I pinned her, my feet got tangled in the ropes. Some fans tried to say that I used the ropes as leverage but I really didn't. The ropes were wet and my feet slipped. That's all that happened- I swear...would I lie to you??

May 8th- FEW in New Castle, IN.

Opponent-Hailey Hatred
My first match against Hailey Hatred and was it a doozy. What I didn't realize was that she would have Hex Hatred at ringside with her. I did a lot of research on Ms Hatred but didn't think about checking out Hex. You know what they say about hindsight! Anyways, Hailey tried to out wrestle me in the beginning but quickly learned that wasn't going to happen. She decided to take a break on the outside but I was on fire and followed her to the floor. That's when Hex snuck up behind me and hit me in the lower back then smashed me into the ring apron. Hailey took advantage of the situation and started working my back. I was in a little trouble but managed to get loose and unleash some of my own punishment. Hailey kept using cheating tactics to gain back control but I finally hit her with my bulldog only to have the ref pulled out of the ring by Hex. I went after him and Hailey used that moment to roll me up and hold my tights. The ref of course was free to count to three. Hailey and Hex quickly left to avoid my anger which I took out on the ref!!

May 1st- SCW in Haines City, FL.

Opponent- Kassidy
This was a women's extreme wrestling match against Kassidy. Anything goes and pinfalls count anywhere. Since there were no rules, I brought a few "toys" to the ring with me. I carried them out in, what else, a trash can. I brought a parking sign, a broom and some miscellaneous ropes and wood I found laying around. I think the armory should thank me for cleaning up their storage room! Anyway, Kassidy tried to make this into a wrestling match but I wasn't going for that. She's pretty slippery to get in some of those holds. She's just too squirmy and since this was hardcore rules, I decided that I wanted to play it that way. I threw her outside the ring. A fan must have thought I looked thirsty because he handed me a Mountain Dew. I thought that Kassidy needed it more than me though so I let her have it- literally! We fought all over that armory. She reversed my whip and threw me into the rolling doors. I thought they were coming down on us all because they made that much noise. We made our way back to the ring and I DDT'd her on the parking sign. I then stuck a chair in between the ropes in the corner and picked her up. She somehow managed to stop herself and then as I ran towards her, she tripped me and I took the chair headfirst! She may have one that one but just wait until next time!

April 24th- POW in Pinellas Park, FL.

Opponent- Trish Zoutish
My opponent was TBA- they were intentionally keeping it from me I think. I didn't really care. I was ready to kick some butt! When it was time for my match, I heard some music start to play and heard the announcer call out "Trish Zoutish" to the ring. I was puzzled but waited until I heard my name announced. When I came out to the ring, I couldn't help but laugh (and not kindly). Mark Zout was wearing a Trish-type of outfit and he looked silly!! I figured this had to be some kind of a joke they were playing on me. I got to the ring though and the ref started the match like normal. I thought, fine, they want to play it like this, we'll get to it. "Trish" turned to the crowd and I attacked. I grabbed him by his blond wig and ripped it off. I used it to start choking him and continued with a choke on the ropes. When the ref made me release, we started chain wresting and he was pretty fast for a cross dresser. I slid outside the ropes for a breather and to reevaluate how I wanted to deal with this Trish imitator. I slowly got back in the ring and before I could react he/she had me set up on the top rope and was going to give me the "Stratusphere." Luckily, he/she was a little slow and I just pushed his/her legs and jumped down. I had "Trish" in a tight headlock and he/she tried for the "Stratusfaction." I countered it again and "Trish" crotched her/himself on the ropes! Any doubt that the audience may have still had about "Trish's" gender went right out the window! I, of course, took the advantage and pinned him!

April 10th- APW in Madison, FL.

Opponents-Midnite Lace and Fire
Women's three way dance for the title. It was me versus Fire versus Midnite Lace. I had seen Fire wrestle before and knew she was going to be a formidable opponent. Midnite Lace was coming out of retirement. I didn't know much about her but I figured she would have some ring rust. It started out with all of us in the ring at once. Ms. Lace started choking me on the ropes right away. Fire grabbed her and threw her out of the ring. Fire and I started wrestling trying to feel each other out. Fire got me backed into a corner and out of nowhere, Midnite Lace attacked her. She tried to go for a pin but I pulled her off and went for my own pin. Fire kicked out and slammed me. When she tried to get the pin, ML started to choke her. I kicked out and grabbed ML. Fire and I double clotheslined Midnite Lace. We started fighting then and I tossed Fire from the ring. I was leaning out the ropes yelling to Fire when Midnite Lace grabbed me from behind and pinned me by holding my tights. I kicked out a millisecond too late. Midnite grabbed the belt and hightailed it out of there!

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